your voice is a rhapsodic melody,

gleaming hallelujahs

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

head propped against a sweaty palm
on a muggy june afternoon; air thick with
water and knowledge and lust.
hair pulled into a lazy pony-tail
limp blonde locks curling at the end (a flourish to a love letter)
tired from years of straining not to be neglected
left hand slips quietly into the
pocket of your old sweatpants,
a sight unseen by all but the likes of me.
i am the ever watchful parent of the door
as their child is on a first date,
hands wringing as i glance toward you for the
sixth... seventh. time in one minute

my tongue's bloody from all the words i've
battled to keep from you, the god of war,
my enyo, destructor of cities, reigning supreme over


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